Sussex Brie


 A Guest Cheese from Alsop & Walker

​This cheese has a fluffy white rind with a smooth interior.  Made from pasteurised cow’s milk the flavour is mellow with a hint of nuttiness.  Subtle tones of fresh mushrooms with a creamy and smooth finish.  The texture is soft and sometimes slightly runny. A creamy, grassy tasting soft cheese, with a natural edible white rind made from pasteurised cow’s milk. Carry’s on maturing in the fridge for up to 7 weeks becoming stronger and softer.


These are beautifully hand-wrapped and have apprx. weight of 200g per portion.  weight may slightly vary as these are individually hand made and hand cut.


Portion - 200g apprx.

Half of Wheel - 500g apprx.

Full Wheel 1Kg apprx.





Sussex Brie