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A Brand New Cheese

It sounds like a simple thing to do, but the reality of the situation is that it's often times anything but. When making a new cheese it's important to think about what taste you're trying to hit, and whether the new cheese is unique enough that it's not just a retread of previous products. Still, from getting into contact with local suppliers we've managed to make a brand new cheese that's got its own unqiue tang and flavour - our brand new Cheesewick Truffle Brie. The cheese will be debuting in just two days at the Chiswick Cheese Festival on the 18th and, with any hope, will be a great success. In just a week we've managed to get together new art and drawing for labels as well as some mild advertisement to get the word out about it. Should the cheese go down well at the market there's even the chance we might keep it on and see how far it goes! Right now we're not planning to put the new Cheesewick cheese on the online shop as we don't have much in supply right now and we're not 100% certain how the cheese will do with audiences. Still, regardless, it's all very exciting here at home base and we're eager to maybe bring more fantastic news to you all soon!

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